You’re the Living God

You’re my saving grace

You will reign forever

You are Ancient of Days

^^^ that refrain has been on my heart for the past two days

LOLOLOL this thought crossed my mind at least a fair number of times within the last year or so

LOLOLOL this thought crossed my mind at least a fair number of times within the last year or so

please watch this original song my friends and i made!! we need views!

you know, at the end of the day, drake gets old, usher ain’t that good, and arianna grande just doesn’t satisfy. but His praise will ever be on my lips.

"I will extol the Lord at all times; his praise will always be on my lips.” Psalm 34:1

am i the only one that thinks the ice bucket challenge needs to stop?
this post is dedicated to my pastor

Pastor Joshua.

we thought you couldn’t do it this year. or the next. we prayed, but with little faith, especially as the years wore on. we tried, but sometimes we grew weary. we didn’t know it could be done during my time in college… let alone this year. but nope. you did it. hallelujah.

congrats on the engagement, sir <3

outside lands this, outside lands that…
You Can’t Stop Him

you know, i didn’t think of it this way to begin with, but my home church… God is transforming it. big time. i loved coming back to san diego this summer, and this is one of the main reasons why. the urgency with which i cried for revival in my home church is birthing fruit once again at CBC. no, it’s not self-righteous to say that… i genuinely believe that it was the prayers of the old and young intercessors who cared enough to pray for the church that led to God trumpeting a revival call again for CBC.

the new youth pastor treated me out to breakfast this morning. new to me at least… he came last october, but i’ve just been away at college, so i’ve never had a chance to meet the dude until summer. this was our first time talking, and i guess he approached me because he heard about me through some youth before. i didn’t even know the man well at all before, but this morning was great. immediately we just started sharing about our experiences with the youth group and the church (me as an old student, and him as the new pastor), and there was just so much agreement and confirmation about the kind of spirit we saw existing in our church. i can tell that this man right here really has a desire to quit being a church that’s nominally associated with Jesus. but to be a missional church that engages so frickin hard with the gospel and the living-out/sharing of it. man. that’s what i’ve been praying for ever since i left… and heck, even in the times of my utter sinful FORGETFULNESS of not praying, God is still making this happen. He is making CBC a church that the gates of hell cannot prevail against (Matt 16:18), i just know it.

i guess what i’m saying is that the Lord is a ravenous pursuer. He knows what He wants, and He will get what He wants and what He deserves. if not through cbc, if not through me, then from someone else. but for those who diligently and patiently cry out, they will move the heart of God and will be actively involved in His work—whether in the heart of the mission field, or on the front lines of prayer.

what an honor! 

watching me move up in my waitlisted class gradually, day by day

watching me move up in my waitlisted class gradually, day by day

doesn’t matter who you are. if you think injustice is, well, unjust… then SIGN IT!