okay everybody…. this is my friend kyuseok. why is he so good……..

this is what happens when the Lord gives people innate talent. this can’t be learned.

took a practice midterm, got a C on it. took another one just now, got an A on it.

Man of Prayer

"Show me a man’s prayer life, and I’ll tell you what he thinks about His God."

i feel like the Holy Spirit has been convicting me recently about prayer, and this quote sums it up squarely. at any given moment, there is so much in my life to sow prayer into. the present calls for me to intercede for the current state of my family, my brothers and sisters, my church, and present concerns. the future also calls for me to intercede on behalf of my future spouse, kids, family, medical school, career, etc.

reading about diligence in prayer from the saints that came before me is so stirring. i was reading about King Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles… of how when he heard his tribe was under attack, he was so moved in prayer that he called his entire kingdom to pray and seek the Lord. I absolutely love the last part of 2 Chronicles 20:12. Jehoshaphat prays "We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on You". dude i don’t even have to explain that any further… that’s just raw dependence on the Lord in prayer.

why should i risk these matters unprayed for? i want to be a man that never stops praying. one, five, ten, fifty years from now… oh that i may be a son/brother/friend/man/husband/father that STILL prays and contends!! i believe in that kind of diligence in prayer! and i claim it for myself in Jesus’ name!

oh to be called a Man of Prayer. not by my peers, not by my family, but to be called that by the Lord Himself. oh Lord, i love You.

HEY YOU, keep praying for matt and grace!! come on, let’s usher in righteousness and justice through our prayers

I have given God countless reasons not to love me. None of them has been strong enough to change Him.
Paul Washer  (via touplift)
LORD, make me a praying man!!!

dang it dude…. i can’t imagine what it means to live over there as a Christian. they’re like, ACTUALLY going through the suffering that the Bible says the early Church saw. instead, here in America we stress over meaningless things and call that suffering. Church, there’s something wrong here, and I repent as well.

Dedicated to Nia

God bless you, Nia. I’m so glad you knew Jesus. You were such a bright and talented young woman, and I am honored to have known you. You will be missed. Once a Bronco, always a Bronco.

God loves you and your family so much.

i love the fact that i’m a morning person

it’s so weird to think that of all the years i’ve lived, i’ve probably only witnessed around 100 sunrises. that’s only like… 5 a year. that’s pathetic.

but now, there’s just something so life-giving about sleeping early to wake up at 5am and 6am for work. i get to not only wake up without any reluctance, but also witness two sunrises every week. i love it. brings so much life to my day. i’m so glad God made me a morning person.

and i think i can make a strong, biblical case that Jesus was a morning person too.


It’s been a while, too long actually since I’ve posted anything publically, but I felt God tugging on my heart to post this. So here we go.

To say Pastor Steve is an anointed man is an understatement – his passion, love, trust, and dependence on Christ is boldly and unashamedly shown in his…

very good.